Sxwlxwltews – greetings / mlqwtxwéne – people of / Gaia - Earth.

Welcome to the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government (SSG) website. We are pleased to introduce freedom from taxes pursuant to legislated Common Law jurisdiction governance with Government memberships that offer tax free financial choices from our Sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Credit Group and its Underwriter, sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Court Registry, Kanata, Turtle Island.

Sovereign Mission Statement

As a hereditary sovereign leader, I am Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ and it is my pleasure to present you with my vision and mission of freedom for humanity by the stroke of a pen for peace on Earth pursuant to the Great laws of Peace adopted from the Iroquois Nation. As a leader, I am sovereign because I do not collect or benefit from a ‘pension’ that is issued by the Receiver General administrators from the Federal Government of Canada. I do not have a status card from INAC or DL from ICBC, or a passport from the Citizenship Department. Read More..


Effective retroactive January 1, 2009, Kevin Annett aka Eagle Strong Voice (hereinafter ‘Kevin’), has no authority to ‘act’ on behalf of SSG members as Kevin clearly violated Section 6 of Schedule 6 in Affidavit #2, SCBC #S036483, April 21, 2008, wherein he did NOT act in good faith and candor towards the leadership of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™  Read more…

Dawn of a New Day: 

As a hereditary Sovereign leader, it is my great pleasure to present the beginning of freedom for humanity by the stroke of a pen for peace on Earth. Concurrent to the Great laws of Peace adopted from the Iroquois Nation, Pine Tree (C)Dhelo Quete(TM) aka (C)Red Jacket(TM) of Turtle Island and other hereditary leaders working as SSG members hereby make it known that we will build together to secure peace and prosperity across not only the “North American Continent”, but also the globe.

Do you know how  Aboriginal Affairs of Canada works?

De facto FIRST NATIONS Corporations exist as a corporate controlled interest for the department of Indian affairs to represent themselves to foreign interests as “the true lawful authority of the land” which is misrepresentation. Read more..

Understanding Sovereignty:  

Libertarianism & Sovereignty:

Libertarianism is parallel to the fundamental truths of Sovereignty, here within this video above is a short video that easily explains your life liberty and time property as a Sovereign human soul. Take the time to learn that you own yourself and how this is the fundamental philosophy of SSG.

We hiyshka/thank Bob Odden chair of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota for sharing this beautiful, well articulated video that contains information that is fully supported by SSG members. We have posted this Youtube on our education site for educational purposes only.


International Recognition: On August 2, 2010, Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government (SSG) declared that; de facto Corporate Governments CANADA and BRITISH COLUMBIA’s silence is a tacit consent to agree that the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government (SSG) is an independent Government by a formal adoption of International Court of Justice (ICJ) July 22, 2010 decision on a unilateral declaration of independence for Kosovo. This decision finds that Kosovo’s adopted declaration on February 17, 2008, did not violate international law pursuant to its Summary No 2010/2 and Press Release of #2010/25. SSG members formally adopt by unanimous consent that this case precedent is SSG members’ lawful standing pursuant to our July 22, 2010, Claim or Right Notice (CRN) by Amicus Brief in Section 9.0 and Article 56. On January 17, 2011, SSG members received written acknowledgement of our Sovereign Land claim by members from ICJ Judges, President and Deputy Registrar, Phillippe Couvreur with File #A2011/016. Read More..